I plucked a gray hair out the top of my head today and it put some things into perspective for me.

Photo by Sean Murphy

1.) I need to put more blonde in my hair so it’s less noticeable. And I hope it’s more silver than gray, I’d be down to be a silver fox.

2.) I’m so happy to be giving writing the crack it always yearned for. I have one life, and it’s one no crazier than the next. I just happen to love writing about those everyday subtle crazy things.

So in 2020, I left the corporate grind to pursue my passion for writing. And family, I guess. I have a husband, Travis, and a four-year-old son, Liam, and whenever I sense some mom shame coming from a bystander asking what I do, I totally throw out my ‘focusing on the family’ card.

But I’m here to write and hope you are here to enjoy my writing. What a beautiful win/win, to do something you enjoy in which others enjoy.

Wish me luck!


Sarah Ralph is a Force to Be Reckoned With – A style feature when I was working the corporate grind.